Access to Justice for All

We envision a world where legal representation is not a privilege, but a fundamental right.

Our Mission

Our mission is to democratize access to outstanding legal services by leveraging breakthrough technology and fostering a vibrant, competitive marketplace that connects individuals in need with exceptional attorneys.

We are on a relentless pursuit to dismantle the barriers that stand in the way of justice, ushering in a new era of legal empowerment for all. Our commitment to a more equitable future goes beyond the digital realm. Through the OpenLaw Foundation, we champion the cause of those who have been left behind by the traditional legal system, providing essential resources and support to those who need it most. By bridging the gap in legal representation and tackling the systemic injustices head-on, we at OpenLaw are determined to leave a lasting legacy of hope, fairness, and opportunity.

Join us in our audacious pursuit to transform the legal landscape and create a future where everyone has a fair shot at justice. Stand with us as we reimagine what's possible in the realm of legal services, crafting a world where the promise of justice is within reach for all who seek it.

Andrew Guzman
David Ngo
Abtin Gramian

Founding Team

Andrew Guzman

Andrew, has transformed law firms into thriving multi-state operations. His deep understanding of the legal industry's intricacies guides his passion for making legal access universally accessible.

David Ngo

David, an expert in behavior design, AI, and experimentation, is passionate about data-driven and human-aligned decision-making. His steadfast commitment to positive change powers innovation at OpenLaw.

Abtin Gramian

Abtin, a seasoned software engineer with over a decade of Silicon Valley expertise, spearheads innovation at OpenLaw. He skillfully aligns technology with the mission to transform legal tech.